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Uniform Crystal Temperature Sensor (UCTS) technology is a less invsaive method of recording temperature. They can be fitted in locations where a high density of readings is required, locations inaccesible for thermocouples and into rotating components.

Our specialised clean room is fully equiped with the ability to offer an extensive inspection, installation and removal capability of this technology. To strengthen our portfolio of product support, and to consolidate our extensive experience with ECTS, we have invested in an extensive range of equipment. Utilising the latest EDM technology for the machining of the precision pockets to a suite of mircoscopes with the versatility of use required to install the crystals. To compliment this, we also continue to update and improve various process based techniques to ensure a quality installation and removal. This gives us the adaptability when discussing customer requirements to be able to provide a solution to all requirements for UCTS installation.

Our facility allows us to machine components up to a capacity of 200 x 400 x 350mm, with options to increase this range upon request. Installation in to components of significantly larger dimensions to a high standard of quality is normal with our power industry customers.

Facilities Used

Rotadata use the following facilities for their UCTS process:

  • Sodick Electro Discharge Machining
  • Lynx eyepiece less stereo inspection microscopes
  • Purpose built clean room
  • Tried and tested Process based practices
  • Multiple skilled installation personnel
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