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Around the Shaft telemetry is only implemented when End of Shaft Telemetry unit cannot be used due to shaft end restrictions. It consists of an annular rotor which is mounted at a location along the test vehicle's rotating shaft, to a suitable rotating interface and a stator assemly, containing power and data coils.
Rotadata have over 20 years of experience designing challenging Around the Shaft telemetry units into difficult space envelopes and harsh environmental conditions, all with varying capabilities.

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All Around the Shaft telemetry units are bespoke designs for each application, but the system components usually contain the following elements:

Rotor Assembly Electronic Casette assemblies
Annular interconnect PCBs
Power and data transmission coils
Stator Assembly Stator Body
Power and data transmission coils
Test vehicle stationary interface
Rotor Mount and Connector Assembly Rotor mounting hardware
Instrument termination PCB
Test vehicle rotating interface


Rotadata have designed Around the Shaft Telemetry for the following areas:

  • Compact, high speed, high strength rotors for small Commercial Engines
  • Light weight titanium telemetry rotors for Flight Testing
  • Telemetry rotors in erosive steam environments for Power Generation
  • Multiple systems for simultaneous insallations in Gas Turbine Power Generation
  • Insalled aroud main drive shaft for Jet Engine Gearboxes
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