Rotadata has been approved for its Aerospace standard Quality Assurance system over and above its standard ISO9001 approval since inception. We have specific client approval for not only instrumentation manufacture but instrumentation design also. We are approved suppliers to all three major Aerospace gas turbine peoviders as well as to all major power generation OEM's across UK, USA, EU and Japan. Our collection of letters of recognition for our Quality and Timeliness distiguish us from our competition and reflect our continued dedciation to quality and development standards.

In addition to overall QA systems approvals, we also have a significant number of specific Aerospace process approvals. These process approvals range from our Wire Erosion and EDM machining to Strain Gauge Application including our Ceramic spray facility and a multitude of glues, adhesives and bonding processes.

We continue to research our approved processes so we are always on the leading edge of all aspects of instrumentation development and application; evident through our long history of involvment with EU, Russian and US space exploration programmes.

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