• January 2020

    The Worlds First Platinum Level Certified UCTS Installer

    Rotadata is pleased to announce that our UCTS installation and removal team has been recognised as performing to the highest Platinum level certification for our workmanship quality.

    "Rotadata are the first installer to obtain Platinum Level Certification worldwide" Anastasia Thomas - LG Tech Link Global.

    Rotadata has been installing LG Tech-Link UCTS for over 7 years now and its great that our commitment to maintaining their highest standards of workmanship has been recognised. LG Tech-Link have implemented a 4 level capability certification scheme for the machining, installation and removal of UCTS. These levels are; Basic, Silver, Gold and the highest level being Platinum Certified.

    In conjunction with our in house Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities, we can offer turnkey installations of UCTS to the highest quality standard. For more information on UCTS click here

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