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Rotadata provides software to operate and control the entire pyrometry system. With this software data can be recorded and manipulated post test in various ways to suit the particular area of interest of the engineering teams involved. Full scans can be presented which show the complete rotor assembly for analysis. Alternatively, small areas can be zoomed in to investigate areas in fine detail to determine any areas which require close attention.

Our data processing software allows the recorded data to be presented in various formats, full Rotor, Section of Rotor, Rectangular blade plots, Circumferential profiles and more. The software is designed around ease of use and ensures in depth analysis can be performed and output with ease.

Our systems are proven in applications and have been for over 20 years. We have supplied systems to the Aerospace and Power Generation Industries; learn more from our Technical Paper Library

Rotadata Services

The Rotadata Traverse Mounted Fixed Mirror package includes:

  • Preliminary evaluation stage to determine optimal solution
  • 3D heat mapping, gas flow analysis and heat transfer analysis
  • Probe design to meet environmental requirements
  • Probe calibration
  • Supply of calibration equipment, training and tools
  • Design and supply of engine interface parts
  • System hardware production and supply
  • Supply of system software for actuator control and data acquisition and processing
  • Training in system use at Rotadata or on customer site
  • Support during system installation
  • Support during engine testing
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