An integrated approach to the Application of High Bandwidth Optical Pyrometry to Turbine Blade Surface Temperature Mapping

    J Douglas, CA Smith and SJR Taylor, Rotadata Ltd, Derby, UK. 18th International Congress on Instrumentation in Aerospace Simulation Facilities, Toulouse, France, 1999.

    As gas turbine manufacturers strive for improved efficiency the turbine operating temperatures increase which can only be met by improvements in blade and coating materials together with advances in cooling and coating technologies. The ultimate, and possibly the only, environment capable of testing modern blade systems is in a working engine and it is from this environment that a range of instrumentation technologies must acquire valid blade performance data. A critical blade parameter is the surface temperature distribution and this paper will review the various technologies currently applied to blade surface temperature distribution measurement. Optical Pyrometry, is discussed in more detail and the definition of an integrated high bandwidth detection and data collection system developed.


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