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Rotamap 2 software packages have forged the way and led us to deliver solutions to meet with the most challenging customer requirements and produce unrivalled insight of an operational gas turbine with exceptional ease of operation. Having done so successfully and having gained the maturity and experience along the way, our design team have taken the technology further forward by consolidating all the great work over the last 20 years into the cutting edge system that is Rotamap 3!

Rotadata have adapted and enhanced the Rotamap 3 software packages to include requested operator functions and the additional functionalities and capabilities required for the new Rotamap 3 Data acquisition systems. With the similar feel and main functions of its predecessor, Rotamap 3 will be a familiar environment for experienced users with additional functions, new users will find it intuitive and simple to operate.

Together with our clients, Rotadata solutions have been deployed in all industries and we can support clients with our unrivalled experience and technologies to realise a successful Turbine Optical Pyrometry System application.

As turnkey suppliers of Turbine Optical Pyrometry technologies, Rotadata offer to industry a proven low risk supply option incorporating all data acquisition hardware, specialist measurement probe technologies, in house software platforms and client test support options that new and experienced engineering teams can benefit from.

Rotadata’s Turbine Optical Pyrometry technology support functions are delivered under AS 9100: D & ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems offering system design and specialist manufacturing (where required), project management and collection and delivery services within the UK and world-wide can be made by arrangement.

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