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Rotamap 2 has been used and is trusted to deliver effective and accurate control over the whole Turbine Optical Pyrometry Systems for over 20 years now. Used by leaders in their respective fields of engineering it has been continually developed to include additional functions and controls to meet the challenges faced by you, our customers.

As with our Rotamap 2 data acquisition systems the Rotamap 2 software packages have forged the way for the next generation systems. This said it is understood that the Rotamap 2 platforms will be in use in the field for many more years to come due to the excellent reliability, system capabilities and performance.

Rotamap 2 systems have been used by many Turbine development and service teams over the last 20 years; even though we have migrated over to the next generation Rotamap 3 systems we will continue to support existing Rotamap 2 users with any and all MRO or supporting services.

Rotadata’s Turbine Optical Pyrometry technology support functions are delivered under AS 9100: D & ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems offering system design and specialist manufacturing (where required), project management and collection and delivery services within the UK and world-wide can be made by arrangement.

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