Since 1999 Rotadata have supplied over 60 different models of Turbine Optical Pyrometry Probes. Each probe integrates with a highly precise positioning actuator system to control the probes insertion to the turbines combustion gas stream to allow the measurement probe to scan the rotating turbines blade surface.

Detailed technical exchange is required between our team and any client’s team to allow us to consider the application with enough detail to be able to propose a solution which will achieve the performance specification requirements. Once we understand the characteristics of the application, it’s over to us.

Rotadata's Turbine Optical Pyrometry Systems require a highly specialised measurement probe to successfully perform two main objectives. First of all, it requires an optimised optical path to a known aspect of the blade surfaces, additionally the measurement probe must withstand the most hostile of environments found in the gas stream of modern gas turbines.

The first challenge requires an iterative process is required to design the probes installation location to optimise the scan area on the aspect/s of interest on the turbine blades surface. This is an iterative process to realise the maximum scan area possible whilst balancing the applications thermal growth axial displacement.

Once the optimised scan area is identified we will understand the required insertion depth and a sophisticated Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) analysis is carried out with the applications characteristics to identify the requirements to withstand the necessary insertion in to the combustion gas stream.

Rotadata maintain key supplier relationships within industry for all our core test and measurement products supply and maintenance. These relationships are built on trust and Rotadata’s focus and commitment to quality and timeliness.

Rotadata are an AS9100:D & ISO9001 2015 accredited company, offering design and manufacture, project management and collection and delivery services within the UK and world-wide by arrangement. We maintain an active development program in all the areas of the technology required in our solution and continue to enhance system performance and measurement.

Turbine Optical Pyrometry Product Support

We provide a range of product support services including technical remote and onsite support, calibration and repairs. We also support unit life cycle management including electronic module and software upgrades.


  • Global leader in Turbine Optical Pyrometry Systems for engine development and validation.
  • Within seconds of gathering the data, a full thermal map of the scan can be viewed.
  • Rotadata offer a wide range of different systems suitable for various applications and environments.
  • Rotadata supply the complete system of software, hardware and support services.
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