Rotadata has over 30 years experience of protecting instrumentation with adhesives and ceramic coatings, ranging from low temperature adhesive to Higher Temperature thermal Spray applied to Strain Gauges.

As technology moves on, the test requirements are becoming ever more demanding. We are finding that the choice of Rokide™ HPA is significantly increasing due to its high temperature range. This increased demand is true across several large companies within the industry, and is constantly growing.

Rotadata will continue to develop our skills and process capability and grow this area of specialisation.


We are not limited to but Rotadata regularly use the following coatings in our thermal spray process.

  • Metco™ 450 NS
  • Metco™ 443 NS
  • Metco™ 312 NS
  • Rokide™ A
  • Rokide™ HPA
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