The application of Optical Pyrometry for the measurement of turbine surface temperature

    CA Smith and J Race, Rotadata Ltd, Derby, UK. ASME, South Korea 2016.

    The measurement of turbine surface temperatures provides valuable information in areas such as blade development and engine health monitoring. During the development stage, new blade designs can be assessed using methods including computational flow dynamics and heat transfer modelling but these predictions require validation with temperature measurement during actual operation. Also, the increasing temperatures within the modern turbine require more complex cooling designs leading to more intricate temperature profiles with steeper gradients. Whilst other methods such as thermal paints and thermocouples can provide some information, the pyrometer system offers advantages such as real-life monitoring over a range of conditions as well as the ability to capture the details of the temperature profiles over the area of interest.

    In engine health monitoring applications, the surface temperature gives an indication of the condition of the blade, helping to identify the potential onset of temperature-related problems including fatigue, cracking and creep. Some of the temperature measurement techniques used for development testing, such as thermal paints, are not suitable here. Pyrometer-based systems are more appropriate for repeated use over longer time periods, as required in this application.


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