Rotadata has over 30 years experience in the application of instrumentation for turbomachinery. Our skilled technicians work closely with Rotadata customers to ensure all aspects of the strain gauge and thermocouple installation, including correct placement and orientation.

Critically important is the planning of the routing of the sensor lead out wiring over the component or part being instrumented, to prevent or minimise damage or failure due to factors such as centrifugal force, stress, impact or thermal effects. Finally, the lead out of the sensor wiring is checked to avoid failure from the component. We are specialised in the design and application of sensors for many industries including sensor attachment to fixed, reciprocating, rotating engines and parts with the most stringent of aero-space standards being provided as routine.

Rotadata will continue to develop our skills and process capability and grow this area of specialisation.


We are not limited to but Rotadata regularly apply the following strain gauges to client parts to enable their test and development programs.

  • Linear Strain Gauges
  • Double Linear Strain Gauges
  • Shear Strain Gauges
  • Half Bridge Strain Gauges
  • Full Bridge Strain Gauges
  • Membrane Strain Gauges
  • 45° Rosette Strain Gauges

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