Service Description

To support Rotadata’s Research and Development programmes and our continuous product development roadmaps, we have dedicated onsite Spin rig facilities. Our Spin Rig Facility allows us to continue to invest in R&D and contribute to industry without delay or complex arrangements as can be seen in our Technical Paper Library.

Recent activities within our spin rig completed the final test and validation activities of our class leading Blade Tip Timing Systems and Blade Tip Clearance Systems and allowed us to contribute to the Amercian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) with our latest Blade Tip Clearance Technical Paper having been accepted for conference presentation in 2020

The high speed Spin Rig Facility allows us to offer clients the opportunity to witness their Digital Telemetry System operating on condition for the purposes of system acceptance. This provides customers with the required level of confidence prior to receiving and integrating our system deep within their test rig. The added benefit of a relaxed no pressure environment is that hands on training can be delivered by our technical experts in any and all aspects required to ensure that a smooth installation and test and measurement program can be guaranteed.

Rotadata are an AS9100:D & ISO9001 2015 accredited company, offering design and manufacture, project management and collection and delivery services within the UK and world-wide by arrangement.


  • Remotely operated enclosed motor room
  • Dedicated permanent crane facility
  • Variety of Intermediate Bearing Assemblies
  • Rotational Speeds in excess of 160,000RPM
  • Rotor weights up to 35KG
  • Rotor Diameters up to 500mm
  • Remotely controlled Spin Rig Facility
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