Rotadata has been approved for its Aerospace workmanship standards and Quality Management System (QMS) since inception, to support our specific client approvals for processes involved in the design and manufacture of instrumentation services for the turbo-machinery industry and others. We are approved suppliers to major Aerospace and Industrial turbine providers in the UK, USA, EU & Europe and Japan. Our collection of letters of recognition for our Quality and Timeliness distinguish us from our competition and reflect our continued dedication to quality and timeliness and assisting our customers in their project developments and processes.
Until recently Rotadata has updated our QMS to meet with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 but have this year taken one more step to become certified to AS 9100: D & ISO 9001: 2015. We also have a significant number of specific Aerospace process approvals. These process approvals range from our Wire Erosion , Spark EDM and Machining to Strain Gauge Application including our Thermal spray facility and a multitude of Instrumentation processes requiring machine and material adhesives and bonding chemicals.
We continue to research our approved processes so we have developed them to the leading edge in all aspects of Instrumentation and in application of our services. This is evident through our long history of continued involvement with our Aerospace, Industrial turbine, Space and Motor-sport customers development programmes.

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