Rotadata have supplied well over 300 systems which have been proven within Aerospace, Space, Industrial Power Generation and Wind Tunnel applications. Each system has a dedicated control system with a large number of bespoke requirements in one way or another. The majority of the previous systems have been controlled and operated via the Compact 2 Axis (C2A5) controller system, for more information on see our legacy traverse controllers.

Predecessor systems forged the way and led us to deliver sophisticated solutions to accurately position aerodynamic probes in the most challenging environments within the modern gas turbine, industrial power turbines and wind tunnel applications to provide unrivalled accuracy, repeatability and ease of operation.

With such a broad range of standard and bespoke system requirements it left us with many successful but different designs. As technology has moved forward in more recent years we have been able to consolidate the different design philosophies in to a single system and provide a more standardised COTS product that is the cutting edge Compact 2 Axis controller, the C2A6.

The standard C2A6 controller communicates via Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 communications and operates via the same syntax as previous controllers allowing existing users an easy upgrade path. The C2A6 also comes with connections available for additional modules to add system capabilities should applications require more advanced features such as Touch Detection and or Auto-yaw Control

Rotadata maintain key supplier relationships within industry for all our core test and measurement products supply and maintenance. These relationships are built on trust and Rotadata’s focus and commitment to quality and timeliness.

Rotadata are an AS9100:D & ISO9001 2015 accredited company, offering design and manufacture, project management and collection and delivery services within the UK and world-wide by arrangement. We maintain an active development program in all the areas of the technology required in our solution and continue to enhance system performance and measurement.

Probe Traversing Systems Product Support

We provide technical remote and on-site support, calibration and repairs. We also support unit life cycle management including electronic module and software upgrades, for more information see our range of Supporting Services.


  • Experts in industry.
  • Turnkey suppliers of complete end to end systems.
  • Full scope of aftermarket services, re-calibration, re-supply of front end sensors/probes.
  • Broad scope of test and measurement systems.
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