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Service Overview

For over 40 years Rotadata have specialised in the precision machining of complex components to provide Instrumentation solutions, for turbine products and services that measure Temperature, Pressure, Strain, Flow and Vibration.

Rotadata specialize in the design, machining and manufacturing of Turbine componentry for our extensive customer base supporting the Aerospace, Aero-engine, Power and Industrial Turbine Industries.

Significant investment in our Machining and Manufacturing services has resulted in an impressive portfolio of Expertise, Machine Capacities and Capabilities in Instrumentation, Turbine Product applications and General Subcontracted Machining services. Rotadata applies these skills to offer our customers bespoke solutions and applications to their specific requirements.

Rotadata provide complete Instrumentation Solutions to customer parts to meet with critical on time deliveries to the correct quality standards and at cost effective prices. Our machining capabilities include Wire and Spark EDM, Fast Hole Erosion, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CMM Inspection, Tooling / Fixture Design and Manufacture.

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