Manufacturing and Testing of TPX Lh2-Turbopump Prototype

    P. Fayolle, P.Fonteyn and F.Laither, Scecma Vernon, 27200, France., H.Olofsson, I.Forsberg, Volvo Aero Corporation, Sweden., J.Dehouve, B.Pouffary, P.Supie, Cnes, Every, France, 2010.

    A demonstration program was initiated by Snecma and Volvo Aero Corporation under CNES and SNSB support to design, manufacture, and test a new LH2-turbopump which prepares future developments in terms of reduction of cost and improvement of robustness. TPX turbopump features innovative technologies such as hydrostatic fluid-film bearings, open-face impeller, and blisk turbine, and should pave the way to a complete new family of turbopumps. This paper deals first with the preparation of TPX prototype hardware; major manufacturing and assembly achievements are described, including implementation of instrusive instrumentation. Then, the objectives of the test campaign performed at Snecma cryogenic test facility in 2010 are recalled, as part of the Vulcain X engine demonstration program. Finally, the first test results obtained for the turbopump alone (turbine fed by cold gas) are briefly discussed.


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