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Over the last 40 years Rotadata systems have developed and progressed in line with technological advancements. Our legacy systems set the bar in terms of customer expectations and we continue to maintain systems that are in excess of 30 years old and continuing to operate to specification.

As we have built our longstanding reputation on quality and trust, we always endeavour to support our legacy systems to offer support to our extensive client base.

If you have a legacy Rotadata product and would like to understand what we can offer in terms of support, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Rotadata Services

Rotadata can offer services for the following Legacy Products:

  • Traverse Controllers
  • Optical Emissions Monitoring
  • Spark Tip Clearance
  • Capacitive Tip Clearance
  • Blade Tip Grind

Please note, all repairs and services for are subject to the condition in which they are returned to us. Contact us for further information on how we could help.

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