• July 2019

    The Hotspot in Turbine Pyrometry!

    Rotadata’s Turbine Pyrometry systems are used to obtain detailed thermal profiles of operating Turbine Blades. See More

    Through detailed system design and enhancements Rotamap is able to perform high bandwidth measurements which can be converted to a number of formats as seen above.

    This data is of distinct advantage to engineering teams within the aerospace and power industries for design verification and validation and specifically in power generation system “lifing” and service inspections.

    The latest developments consolidate the efforts of our in house experts across our optical, mechanical and electronic design departments and our experienced production team.

    The latest systems incorporate significant incremental improvements to an already cutting edge system; this is the benefit of listening to our customers and having dedicated in-house R&D programs.

    We have just delivered our latest system incorporating:

    • Optical transmission improvements
    • Temperature compensation improvements in the detector

    These two improvements give a significant signal to noise improvement for the measurement overall. We expect to work with our customer to write a joint technical paper to quantify these improvements and write up this exciting application. Click here to see some of the technical papers we have published to date.

    At Rotadata investing in R&D programmes is as important to us as it is to our customers. It also ensures we stay at the forefront of the industries we supply and support.
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