Rotadata’s Digital Telemetry technologies and techniques represent state of the art systems due to our commitment to continuous ongoing research and development programmes. The vast range of test and application experience offers value to our clients and our close working relationships with our clients has always been and continues to be very much valued by the team at Rotadata.

Rotadata maintain key supplier relationships within industry for our core products supply and maintenance. These relationships are built on trust and Rotadata’s focus and commitment to quality and timeliness. Together with our clients, Rotadata solutions have been deployed in all industries and we can support clients with our unrivalled experience and technologies to realise a successful Digital Telemetry System application.

As turnkey suppliers of Digital Telemetry technologies, Rotadata offer to industry a proven low risk supply option incorporating all data acquisition hardware, specialist measurement probe technologies, in house software platforms and client test support options that new and experienced measurement engineers can benefit from.

Rotadata’s Digital Telemetry Systems and technologies are proposed as part of a turnkey package with application design experience, technology support, including on and off site training and test support capabilities. The whole turnkey BTC system is delivered under AS 9100: D & ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems offering system design and specialist manufacturing (where required), project management and collection and delivery services within the UK and world-wide can be made by arrangement.

Digital Telemetry Systems Product Support

We provide technical remote and on-site support, calibration and repairs. We also support unit life cycle management including electronic module and software upgrades, for more information see our range of Supporting Services.


  • Over 20 years' experience in design and manufacture.
  • Bespoke channel counts.
  • Speeds up to 50,000rpm.
  • Up to 252 mixed channels
  • We have supplied over 30 systems across 3 continents.
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