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Rotadata's Around the Shaft Digital Telemetry is typically implemented when an End of Shaft Digital Telemetry unit cannot be used due to shaft end restrictions. It consists of an annular rotor which is mounted at a location along the test vehicle's rotating shaft, to a suitable rotating interface and a stator assembly, containing power and data coils.

Rotadata has 20 years of experience designing challenging Around the Shaft Digital Telemetry units into difficult space envelopes and harsh environmental conditions, with various component configurations.

Rotadata's Around the Shaft Digital Telemetry units are turnkey specific designs for each application. The system components usually contain 3 main elements, the rotor assembly, stator assembly and the rotor mount assembly. At Rotadata we have managed many difficult thermal growth and stress profiles and we are recognised to be the low risk supply partner for the more complex Digital Telemetry applications.

For information on previous projects, contact us to request a case study.

Digital Telemetry Systems Product Support

We provide technical remote and on-site support, calibration and repairs. We also support unit life cycle management including electronic module and software upgrades, for more information see our range of Supporting Services.


  • Over 20 years' experience in design and manufacture.
  • Bespoke channel counts.
  • Speeds up to 50,000rpm.
  • Up to 252 mixed channels
  • We have supplied over 30 systems across 3 continents.
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