MultiTool’s Data Replay module allows the user to view, play back, export and assess the recorded dataset. This is useful for validating the recorded data quality, validating the configuration is correct and providing a quick look at what activity there is in the file. The playback facility allows time to understand any events and/or add comments regarding the dataset. Data can be exported for further analysis or algorithm development and it can be cropped multiple times to isolate only the parts of interest.

Data replay allows the import of third party datasets from other BTT systems. Data outputs are available for the creation of new methods and for the generation of reports.

The data replay module mimics the functions of the acquisition system but without the need for hardware, it is often used to train operators and analysts without the pressure of a real engine test. Its main purpose is data validation and serves as an import/export function for MultiTool software. It also provides processed data for use in developing and validating new methods or third-party tools. As is consistent with all MultiTool modules, the data replay module is a single screen user interface.

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  • Load any compatible data file
  • Replay in real time or at an increased rate
  • Pause data facility
  • Crop data into smaller files for faster analysis
  • Stack and dynamic stack
  • Travelling wave plot and assembly FFT with mode identification
  • Import for Hood, Agilis and Labview data
  • Export for raw and processed data, csv or binary files
  • Data quality and data cleaning routines
  • Blade Untwist – Bolt on module
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