MultiTool’s Data Acquisition module provides all of the control for the BTT hardware and provides real-time information on data quality and statistics.

Probe Status, Waterfall control, Optical power control and channel threshold values can be closed or moved to other windows to suit the operator’s preference. Users can easily determine the performance of the whole system via simple colour coded visual cues.

Real time displays allow the monitoring of the stack pattern and overall displacements of each blade. Linking this to the Campbell diagram allows a comprehensive alarm system to be implemented. The displays include travelling wave plot with on line non-integral identification, dynamic stack plot, speed profiles and an operator’s diary

Unlike some BTT systems the MultiTool acquisition module produces a single screen from which all relevant test information can be seen. The use of only pertinent information removes any confusion for the operator and minimises the skill level required to operate a BTT system.

We maintain an active development program in all the areas of the technology required in our solution and continue to enhance system performance and measurement. Rotadata are an AS9100:D & ISO9001 2015 accredited company, offering design and manufacture, project management and collection and delivery services within the UK and world-wide by arrangement


Probe Quality
  • Lost/Surplus signal pulses
  • Blade passing frequency
  • Good/Bad indicators
  • Probe position confirmation

System Control
  • Power supply control
  • Stop/start reset data acquisition
  • Optical power setting and SCU internal temperature measurement
  • Signal threshold setting and adjustment
  • Data collection system health
  • Probe Signal Monitors
  • In built self-test
  • Derived or physical Key phasor inputs

Real time functions
  • Travelling Wave – any probe
  • Real time non-integer identification
  • Assemble displacement amplitudes
  • Stack Pattern
  • Dynamic blade displacement – all probes
  • Max to min blade amplitudes calculated
  • Identifies highest responding blade
  • Indicates when speed matches mode/EO crossing to assist operator
  • Stop/Start monitor
  • Sentry system
  • Stop/Start record
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