• December 2018

    40 years on and the journey continues!

    As we're about to end 2018 it's interesting to take a moment to look back, not just over this year but the past 40 years of Rotadata. It has been an interesting journey since 1978. The company was set up by two former Rolls Royce engineers Jack Taylor and David Davidson, who saw the need for more specialised instrumentation services in the aerospace and power generation sector.

    They were proved right and Rotadata has gone on to become a world leader specialising in innovative test, measurement and instrumentation solutions. From the outset our founders had a keen eye for innovative products, and they set to work developing measurement systems to meet the needs of our aerospace and power generating clients.

    Our ranges of integrated products are used globally for advanced measurement techniques such as Turbine Optical Pyrometry, Blade Tip Timing, Blade Tip Clearance, Probe Traversing Systems and Digital Telemetry Systems. We have been supplying these types of products for a long time and we are still servicing and calibrating our 30+ year old systems!

    Key members of our staff have accumulated hundreds of years of combined specialist expertise. For most of the 40 years Rotadata has been in business, the focus has been on the company's precision testing, and measuring to microns and nanoseconds. The combined skill of our amazing people here at Rotadata is what maintains our international reputation within the Aerospace, Space, Automotive and Power Generation industries worldwide.

    Like other British companies, we are known for our support in terms of consultancy work on major projects worldwide. British engineering and design count, so why would other businesses not want to dip into our years of accumulated knowledge and experience?

    We continue to work with global industry leaders such as Rolls-Royce, General Electric and Pratt and Whitney, with our client base throughout the UK, USA, India, China, Japan and Europe. We supplied test and measurement equipment to NASA on the space programmes in the 1980 and 90's, and on key projects in civil and defence sectors in each decade since.

    Nothing stands still and neither do we. Our product development roadmap is at a very exciting point, as we have new advancements and offerings being announced in 2019. It's set to be another exciting year here at Rotadata!

    Rotadata is still a family owned and family run business and its managing director is Jack Taylor's son, Simon. The work is interesting, challenging and bespoke as every job is different. We get the chance to engineer and innovate. Our aim is to continue to be as relevant to the sector for the next 40 years, as we have been for the last 40. It's going to be a fascinating journey!

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