Rotadata 2 Axis probe traversing systems provide a means of traversing all types of measurement probes in almost any flow stream. We offer a range of standardised physical sizes and can work within most space and temperature constraints using the off the shelf models. With our unrivalled experience and depth of knowledge we can offer bespoke solutions for the more bespoke applications when needed too.

Our systems range from the RTN model with up to 20mm linear travel and +/-185° of yaw movement, right up to the RTL model with up to 460mm linear movement and +/-180° of yaw movement.

Environmental enclosures and mounting structures can also be supplied to withstand severe operating factors; we have designs that can operate inside an operational engine air duct at +300℃

Please browse our website and get contact us to discuss your requirements.

Rotadata Services

Rotadata offer the following services with our Probe Traversing Systems:

  • Specification support
  • Environmental enclosure designs
  • Calibration of systems
  • Re-work or alterations for new applications
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